Clean Insights’ Python SDK 📏🐍💡

Privacy-preserving measurement and analytics for Python.


Clean Insights gives developers a way to plug into a secure, private measurement platform. It is focused on assisting in answering key questions about app usage patterns, and not on enabling invasive surveillance of all user habits. Our approach provides programmatic levers to pull to cater to specific use cases and privacy needs. It also provides methods for user interactions that are ultimately empowering instead of alienating.

This Python SDK is part of the wider Clean Insights ecosystem that includes SDKs in other languages, a consent user interface toolkit and server plugins. All these tools can be found on the Clean Insights Developers Page.

Target Audience

Both the Apple and Android SDKs are targetted at being embedded into client-side end-user applications on those platforms. The JavaScript SDK may be used in an end-user web application or embedded in a server-side node.js backend. Similarly, the Python SDK is intended to be embedded into either an end-user client-side application or a server-side backend.

The Python SDK aims to provide more features that are useful for server-side integration, such as support for the use of a relational database for storage. In this way, it does not provide the complete feature set for the consent portions of the API as there is no obvious user interface to implement helpers for. This does not preclude the use of this SDK in a client-side end-user application but explains why some functions present in other SDKs may be missing in this version.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

This SDK does not provide tools for performing analysis of the collected data beyond providing the ability to dump the collected data to CSV or submit the sanitised data to a Matomo instance via a Clean Insights Matomo Proxy.

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